about us

Classy Yak is a game development studio based in Vancouver, Canada


We’re building an empire with our unique style - it’s colourful, captivating, and just a little bit cheeky! Come join us for the ride!

Our team combines the absolute finest talent in art, design, animation and tech, to bring you the best free-to-play game experiences for mobile and PC. Our development is driven by finding out what’s best for players, and making sure we achieve that gold standard of quality, whatever the genre.

As a part of Hyper Hippo Productions, we can’t wait to bring you more of the Tap Cats Universe and other exciting new  worlds that we’re sure you’ll love. We’re keeping it classy all the way!

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our Games

We live to bring you games that are visually stunning, strategically compelling and FUN to play

Our games are centred around our own IPs, which are set in rich, colourful worlds full of fun and adventure!



Tap Cats: Epic Card Battle is a CCG RPG

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Battle Wack

Coming soon...

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We love working with amazing people

Come join our awesome team! If you are looking for a creative, fast-paced environment where your contribution makes a difference, we'd love to hear from you.

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having a game issue?

All of our games have dedicated customer support teams working closely with our players; we invite you to contact us directly through each game’s help function. Additionally you can email support for a specific game here:

  • Tap Cats Battle Arena: tapcats@screenzilla.com