Classy Yak Game Studio is located in historic Gastown in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

A game developer based in Gastown, Vancouver, Classy Yak Game Studio combines the skill and experience of industry veterans with the passion and enthusiasm of wide-eyed newcomers.

We pride ourselves in making games that we want to play — fun, challenging, and maybe a little cheeky.


Part of the hyper hippo family

Classy Yak Game Studio is part of the Hyper Hippo Family! We are a subsidiary of Hyper Hippo Productions, which is located in Kelowna BC. This means we get to enjoy the support and stability of a well established company, and most importantly, we get to go to Kelowna twice a year to party with our Hippo friends! 

It also means that we have a smooth working relationship with Hyper Hippo owned publisher Screenzilla. We work with Screenzilla to take care of our studio's UA, Community Managment, and Marketing needs.

To find out more about Hyper Hippo and Screenzilla check out

Hyper Hippo Productions

Screenzilla Entertainment


We create our own Ips

Our games are centred around our own IPs, which are set in rich, colourful worlds full of fun and adventure! Creating these worlds and the characters that live in them is one of the most exciting parts of working at Classy Yak!

We are always working on new tech

Our highly experienced tech team is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our gaming experiences.